Sleek Makeup Acid Palette

YUM, see those middle 4 colors? They’re neons! Extremely difficult to photograph but I assure you they are true neon highlighter-esque colors. Which makes me way too exited. My friend brought this back for me from London, unfortunately you can no longer get your hands on this in the US. The reason for that being the pigments in the neon colors are not yet FDA approved. This does not mean they are unsafe, they have met the standards of many European countries. They most likely aren’t approved because the FDA does not have the extra money or any reason to test them. Neon makeup isn’t exactly their priority, though it SHOULD be.  I thought this would still help my followers in the UK and other countries where Sleek Makeup is sold. 

Not all the colors in this palette were great, but it’s very inexpensive so definatly worth it for those hard to find neons! 

here’s swatches, over Too Faced Shadow Insurance. They would do better also over something like Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk but of course I wanted to show you guys the true swatches. These colors don’t have names like the ones in the Curacao palette, but they’re in the same order shown in the photo of the palette.

I don’t know what’s up with that white, but this is actually a built up swatch, I had to swatch it 3 or 4 times layered on top of each other just to get it to look like that. but I’m not crying over it, I’m sure I have plenty of matte whites. The two neons are much brighter and dayglowy in person!

Second row. Nothing really special about that purple and the green next to it is pushing it, but all in all most of the colors in this palette are great. Like I said, it would be worth it just for the neons. The neons aren’t craaazy pigmented or anything, but most neon shadows aren’t either. It is also the nature of neon shadows to be a bit chalky and hard to blend. They need a little help with some Milk underneath and the color packed on, but they look so bright when used right it is so worth it! Can’t wait to play with them more! Now I’m lusting after the Kryolan UV Neon Dayglow Aquacolor palette, I’m sure you’ll see me talk about that in the near future!